BETC Rimmel - briefed: Fri 13th Jan 2019 15:37

- Freelance: Creative Director to put the new “Live the London look” into Rimmel
- Start: 14/01/19-21/01/19
- Duration: At least a month
- Location: Can work remotely or in the office
- #Beauty #Craft

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Gary and Victoria Martin - highly awarded hugely experienced snr team. Worked on a host of products & services, both in agencies, and direct to client.
Victoria and Gary have a broad body of work that includes naming and developing brands from scratch, winning pitches, initiating new campaigns and picking up the mantle on existing ones. They are experts at coming up with big, clear ideas and deploying them across all channels. They are happy to work either in-house or remotely. From Iconic Levis or Audi ads to comedic pilot series for broadcast to creating a luxury brand these two can turn their creative minds to an array of projects. Gary also has fashion/retail in-house experience at TK Maxx to add to his CV also.
Day rate: £400 each

Dirk Van Dooren - Snr/CD, Art direction and big bold ideas. A purist and visual thinker with specialisms in all things visual.
Dirk can't be put in a box! He was one of the founders of Tomato the internationally acclaimed design studio of the 90s and naughties that specialised in graphic design, branding, advertising, music, architecture and interiors, he was also ECD for Aspesi the Italian Clothing brand whose flagship store in Milan was voted "Best Store in the World" by Wallpapers international panel of judges. He was also part of the team who breathed new life in to French Connection's flagging brand with the fresh Man/Woman campaign along with Richard Flintham at 101 and he was a joint ECD of Fallon....
Day rate: Flexible depending on project.


Adam Chiappe - Snr/CD level Creative, broad thinking, surprising ideas. Believes creativity is the magic glue that binds a brands message to audiences.
Adam began his hugely successful career at BBH as a team cracking out entertaining ads for Lynx, Audi, Levis, Boddington, X Box and many great brands. He then went on to be a CD team at agencies Grey, TBWA, MCBD, AMV and continued to win multiple awards for his bold, fresh thinking. His most recent role has been a CD at Saatchis leading on brands such as Direct Line, EE, Robinsons, Rekorderlig Cider. Lots of famous, and sometimes irreverent work - highlights include X-Box 'Ears', Audi 'Henrdrix', Levis Twisted 'Undressed', Knife City - Met Police, Rekorderlig 'Skaters' to name a few. Both AD and Writer.
Day Rate: £600


Pete Conolly - a CD with Interactive Art/Design background. He'll provide engaging, visually stimulating and bold creative solutions.
Pete began his career in LA as an artist and programmer creating interactive installations, developing real-time virtual characters, and founding UCLA's Creative Technology Lab among other pursuits. Soon after he fell into advertising, and with Creative Director and Creative Partner positions at Goodby, Silverstein, Dare, The Nike Foundation, Gravity Road and MPC, he's pushed the boundaries of art, design, technology and commerce across a variety of different media. He's made award-winning TV campaigns, VR installations, reality TV shows, viral adverts and launched an Ethiopan girl band. Portfolio p/w macbeth
Day rate: £450


Sam Ball - CD and founder of Lean Mean Fighting Machine. An outstanding talent, smart energetic and kind.
A creative leader with energy, passion and a huge appetite for ideas that challenge conventions. A true collaborator brings people together to achieve results. He and his ex-partner Dave were made CDs of Tribal DDB a few years later before eventually leaving to set up the brilliant digitally led agency Lean Mean Fighting Machine. Winning multiple awards for their work from Cannes Lions to D&AD pencils, Clios, Webbies and also the first UK agency to be Cannes Digital Agency of the Year in 2008. He has created fun, engaging and sometimes risky campaigns for Domestos, Emirates Airline, VW, Heineken, Strongbow, Dr Pepper and more.
Day rate: £800


Jason Lawes - CD/AD, huge focus on craft and lots of retail experience. Jason has worked on Tesco and run Morrisons as well as Natwest and Stella.
Jason is a grown up CD with a focus on craft. Having led the creative on some of the biggest banks and supermarkets in the UK he certainly knows his retail and can work at a fast pace. Jason started his career at Bates as an art director working on tobacco, his biggest stints were at Lowe (6 years) and Red Brick Road (6 years). His last perm role was as a CD at M&C Saatchi for just over 2 years before he hit the freelance scene and was brought into Publicis to run Morrisons for 18 months.
A wonderful guy to work with.
Day rate: £600

*All candidates provide their preferred day rate's. Some of these are negotiable. Day rates are only applicable to standard working days. Weekends/bank holidays etc will need to be agreed separately.