BMB - “Creative” - Briefed: Thu 3rd Jan 2019 12:35

- Freelance: Creative
- Start: Jan 7th
- Duration: 1 month or more
- Location: In office
- #digital #samsung #production #tech #memory #global

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Gary Arnold & Neil Ritchie - Snr Team, incredibly proactive and fun. They understand tech, content and TV. Their book is intelligent and surprising.
Gary and Neil started at BBH in 2010 and moved to M&C after 4 years, but only stayed 2 years as their ECD left. They took a role at Leagas to work with some of their old CD's, but left shortly after to go freelance late 2016. Their book is full of great stuff, both for charities and clients alike. They have a great sense of humour and engage with audiences across the spectre. At BBH they did great work for Audi, Virgin and Bernardo's. At M&C they did great work for TFL and Matalan. Recently they made the funny "Can't be arsed party" to help get younger people to vote.
Day rate: £375pp “Open to negotiate”

Gary and Victoria Martin - Snr integrated team, Highly awarded hugely experienced team. Worked on a host of products & services, both in agencies, and direct to client.
Victoria and Gary have a broad body of work that includes naming and developing brands from scratch, winning pitches, initiating new campaigns and picking up the mantle on existing ones. They are experts at coming up with big, clear ideas and deploying them across all channels. They are happy to work either in-house or remotely. From Iconic Levis or Audi ads to comedic pilot series for broadcast to creating a luxury brand these two can turn their creative minds to an array of projects. Gary also has fashion/retail in-house experience at TK Maxx to add to his CV also.
Day rate: £400 - “Agreed to do this for a lower rate”

Vicky Lench & Josh Cunningham - Middleweight team from Publicis. Great team who can work on everything from TV to digital.
Vicky and Josh have been at Publicis since Andy Bird hired them back in 2014. They are a fantastic young team eager to have a positive impact on the world and make some great work. They just went freelance in 2018 after finishing their biggest campaign yet for Nescafe Gold, showing they can handle big TV campaigns as well as the more nimble digital ones (their emotional cookbook for Morrisons was great). Always see the opportunities in every brief and eager to show you what they can do.
Day rate: £300

Rory Robinson & Robbie Ferrara - Snr Team, Funny and strong big ideas. Ex brothers & Sisters, CHI, Anomaly, Mother, Havas and Rapier. (Rory away 11th + 14-18th Jan).
Rory and Robbie were the sole creative team at Brothers and Sisters during a particularly prolific period involving 3 pitch wins and a bunch of campaigns. They're hungry, hardworking, hilarious, collaborative, but terrible at alliteration. More importantly, they're friendly and keen to make a good impression everywhere they work. Before Brothers and Sisters they worked separately at CHI, Anomaly, Mother, Havas and Rapier.The campaign that sums them up the best is probably 'So Schofield', it combines their three main passions for comedy, building 360 campaigns and TV presenter/national treasure Phillip Schofield. Day rate: £400pp - “Agreed to do this for a lower rate”

Connor Stephen & Charlie Ditchfield - Middleweight team. Great thinkers, hard working and fun. These guys love to surprise by taking something little and making it great.
Conner and Charlie are a great young team who spent 2 years working at Karmarama before going freelance. Before Karma they were also amongst the winners of Cream in 2015. A hard-working team who love to make the most out of what they get to work with. During their time at Karmarama they made some lovely work for Babybel, Plusnet and beat Mother at a Creative challenge for The Design Museum. Great pair of extra hands.
Day rate: £200

Kat Middlemas & Matt Beevor - Middleweight team, with humorous / fun concepts. Integrated thinking, ideas driven creatives with strong writing.
Kat and Matt are an integrate creative pair with 5 years experience under their middleweight belts. Starting at VCCP together they worked on O2, Nationwide, Easy jet among others honing their art direction and writing skills. Circumstances split them for a short while where they both gained experience in different agencies, but now back together and they are hungry as ever, excited to crack more challenging briefs and apply their story telling and craft to a wide variety of brands.
Day rate: £325
Why they are right: “Kat and I worked on O2 a lot while at VCCP, and we've just finished pitching on Huawei at FCB. We also helped to develop this app recently.”

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