Brave London - Freelance Creative team breif - start date 23.07.2018 (Briefed Wednesday 18th July at 08:45)

Genie identified and approached 32 teams she believes to be interesting for this brief in 0.01s.
She checked their interest and confirmed availability for the time and location stipulated and came back with the results below.

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First results (this page is live and will update when Genie has heard back from more people who are right for this brief)
Updated at 11.44 (Ben & Nathan confirmed interest and added) 

Claudio Pasqualetti & Stephen Beverly - Snr, A great versatile team. Sharp writing and gorgeous visual language.
Claudio and Steve met at Publicis London back in 2006. Before that they had spent a collective 14 year in the industry, with the additional decade at Publicis. Wonderful guys, great mood and well known for their work on McDonalds, Crown Jules and Renault. They have worked on everything from Airbus to the BBC to Vicks. A brilliant visual and written language, both clearly driven by an enormous sense of craft. 
Day rate: £400pp (excl of LIZH fee)


Ben and Nathan - Senior Team with great experience and craft skills. Smart and witty ideas lead thinking. 
Ben and Nathan have been a team since starting as a placement team at VCCP. In their 8 years at VCCP they worked on a range of clients and did lots of work for 02, including working on the much awarded 'Be More Dog' campaign. They've also dealt with millennial cynicism by using some good old 80's pop for Ryan Air while at Dare and most recently have been at M&C Saatchi for 3 years helping to make finding healthy snacks fun for adults for Change4Life. A team that has very recently made the decision to freelance.
Day rate £400 pp (excl LIZH fee)


James Springall / Samantha Pantha - Snr team with brilliant craft.Both are successful artists on the side, with a great record of agency work.
James and Sam are both artists on the side, but still like to stretch their lateral thinking muscles on some creative briefs. Both are incredibly nice, talented and been to some brilliant agencies. James started off at Lowe in 2001, then went to 4 Creative in 2006. He left to go freelance after 3 years and met Sam while at Strawberry Frog in Amsterdam. 
Since then they have worked together starting off at Droga 5, Sid Lee, 180 Amsterdam, Mother and the list goes on. Gorgeous craft work, smart and very funny. A great team who really like to push the work to do something that completely stands out. 
Day rate: £450pp (excl of LIZH fee)