Crispin Porter & Bogusky - “Creative” - Briefed: Wed 4th Jan 2019 13:23

- Freelance: Creative
- Start: 1 - 2 weeks
- Duration: 2 weeks
- Location: In office
- #comedy #funny #gaming #community #tech #pitch

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Gary Arnold & Neil Ritchie - Snr Team, incredibly proactive and fun. They understand tech, content and TV. Their book is intelligent and surprising.
Gary and Neil started at BBH in 2010 and moved to M&C after 4 years, but only stayed 2 years as their ECD left. They took a role at Leagas to work with some of their old CD's, but left shortly after to go freelance late 2016. Their book is full of great stuff, both for charities and clients alike. They have a great sense of humour and engage with audiences across the spectre. At BBH they did great work for Audi, Virgin and Bernardo's. At M&C they did great work for TFL and Matalan. Recently they made the funny "Can't be arsed party" to help get younger people to vote.
Day rate: £375pp “Open to negotiate”

Joanne Oatts & Mark Winter - Snr integrated team, social, emails, TV. Produce their own podcasts and short films, proper makers and doers!
Joanne and Mark are a senior fully integrated team who write, produce, direct and never sleep. They are idea machines when it comes to branded content, something they have a long history of producing. Joanne has a journalism degree and a St Martins Illustration background. Mark came from a stand up comedy/ perform background, before they teamed up and have been freelancing together ever since. Incredibly versatile, emails, websites TV and social ideas. They love tech and produced a podcast about AI and bots. They both have lots of side projects (produced short films, full on podcasts and radio shows).
Day rate: 375pp

WILDCARD - Robbie Ferrara - Snr , Funny and strong big ideas. Ex brothers & Sisters, CHI, Rapier.
Robbie (and his team mate Rory) were the sole creative team at Brothers and Sisters during a particularly prolific period involving 3 pitch wins and a bunch of campaigns. He’s hungry, hardworking, hilarious, collaborative, but terrible at alliteration. Before Brothers and Sisters he worked at CHI and Rapier. The campaign that sums him up the best is probably 'So Schofield', it combines their three main passions for comedy, building 360 campaigns and TV presenter/national treasure Phillip Schofield.
Day rate: £400

Alex Shapowal & Gary Turner - Snr Team, Big Ideas that break through. Big integrated campaigns or small executions, these guys love it all.
Alex and Gary are a multi award-winning team with over 14 years’ experience creating fresh, insightful ways to engage, entertain and inform. They met while they were in Publicis London and have been freelancing since 2017 at agencies like Atomic, DDB tribal, HAVAS, Forever Beta and others. Whether it’s small, specific executions or big, integrated solutions, they love to think of ideas that breakthrough and stand out from the crowd.
Day rate: £375

James Springall & Samantha Pantha - Snr team with brilliant craft. Both are successful artists on the side, with a great record of agency work.
James and Sam are both artists on the side, but still like to stretch their lateral thinking muscles on some creative briefs. Both are incredibly nice, talented and been to some brilliant agencies. James started off at Lowe in 2001, then went to 4 Creative in 2006. He left to go freelance after 3 years and met Sam while at Strawberry Frog in Amsterdam. Since then they have worked together starting off at Droga 5, Sid Lee, 180 Amsterdam, Mother and the list goes on. Gorgeous craft work, smart and very funny. A great team who really like to push the work to do something that completely stands out.
Day rate: £500pp*

Matt Skolar & Eoghain Clarke - Snr/CD team, a fantastic book. Great TV, smart big bold ideas. Ex Saatchi's worked on Sky, Toyota, Labour ++
Matt and Eoghain (Matt & Egg) are a senior team who spent most of their careers at Saatchi & Saatchi looking after clients like Carlsberg and the Labour Party. They were there 10 years before being made ECD's of Team Saatchi. They have been freelancing since 2013 and their book is full of good work that I'm sure you'll recognise for brands like Mattesons, Ford, NSPCC, Toyota and more.
Day rate £450

Eduardo Boldrini & Alex Rose - Snr/a-CD team, award winning 360 team. A Brazilian/British a/CD team, over 10 years experience with design and ideas.
Alex and Eduardo are a senior integrated/ big idea team. Ed is Brazilian, he came to London in 2014 after 12 years as a creative writer in Brazil (JWT Sao Paolo, Escala and Ogilvy). He started off freelancing in London and eventually got hired at McCann Worldgroup. Alex met Ed during his time at TMS, he comes from a graphic design background and has spent 10 years working as a designer/ Art director in a range of agencies both design and conceptual. They left McCann in 2018 where they recently won awards for their work on Felix and MasterCard. Really kind and a great attitude to any brief.
Day rate: £400pp
Why they are right:
”Just writing to highlight that Alex is a experienced gamer and that we have a comedy project in our book, which is the Carlsberg film "If Carlsberg did #YourMom"

Dexter Ginn & David Chalu - Snr/CD Team, Fantastic book with big ideas. Fully integrated and over 20 years worth of amazing work. Can design.
Dex & Dave are a senior team who bring some amazing experience to any brief on the table. They love creating great ideas that grab attention through crafted multi-channel storytelling. Be it high-end integrated campaigns, web platforms, film content, or brand identity. They have worked in agencies like BBH London, 180 Amsterdam, Sid Lee, AKQA and W&K for clients as diverse as BA, Audi, Playstation, Glenfiddich, Vodafone, Häagen-Dazs and Coca Cola. They also feel confident in design, digital design and editorial design.
Day Rate: £400pp

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