Exposure London
The Brief:
Quick thinking all rounder. Ideally with experience working with Coke or drink brands in the past.
Brief set at: 11.25am Friday 9th November 2018

- Freelance Creative Team
- Start: Thursday 15th Nov 2018
- Duration: 2 days

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Initial results:
18.25 : Rob Watt added
19.40 : Emma Castagno added
20.12: Dom Butler added
20:35: Pete Giblin added
19.55 + 1 day: Pete Cain added

Al Brown - Snr/Hybrid, Strong big idea creative and pitch winner. Works in any media, worked on Pot Noodle, Webuyancar.com, Thatchers, BBC +++.
Al started off as an art director, but found himself writing a lot more scripts/work and now sees himself as a writer/all rounder. He started his career with a couple of years at Tribal DDB before going into BBH for another few years. In 2010 he went freelance for the first time, with stints at BBDO Guerrera and Mother London. Then hired at RKCR/Y&R (now Y&R) where he spent the next 4 years. He has freelanced since 2014 (Mother, Lucky Generals, Bros & Sis +++) and consistently made award-winning work throughout. He’s also set up his own music and promotions company, the Guardian called him ‘the hottest promoter in the UK - 2017)

Day Rate: £450*

Dom Butler - Mid/Snr/cw, Great conceptually, strong writing and smart. Digital and very culturally driven ideas. Been at Grey London and McCann London.
Dom is a senior middleweight writer. He started off his career with a Creative ad course at Falmouth followed by 4 years at Grey London working under people like Nils Leonard and Dave Monk. This is where he was the creative lead on the WildAid campaign that put him on the map (so to speak), but also got to cut his teeth on HSBC, Lucozade, Emirates, Greene King, Volvo, Vodafone and News UK. In 2016 Dom moved to McCann writing work for Subway, MasterCard, Microsoft, XBOX, Cereal Partners, Premier Food as well as for luxury experience on Pandora and Godiva. Dom is also quite entrepreneurial and likes a new challenge.

Day rate: £350*

Peter Giblin - Mid/Snr CW/AD, great with 360 ideas that are catchy. Conceptual and directs film. Ex Grey London, good viral ideas for Mercedes.
Pete started off his career at Weapon 7 in 2011. He worked on a lot of email marketing and banners before he created his first viral sensation for Mercedes. During his 2.5 years there he produced great work for Mercedes (both digital and film). He joined Grey London in 2014 and spent 4 years there before going freelance to help him do more directing. He worked on Emirates, Duracell, Brother, Polident and Vodafone. He's written and produced his own short film about domestic abuse and written a short called 'Benefits' for Channel 4. A very nice guy who is very proactive and feels confident as a writer and art director.

Day rate: £350*

Michela Nicchiotti - Mid/Art Director, strong in film and digital. Lots of work for the luxury/ fashion side as well as digital projects.
A fantastic art director, Michaela spent over a year at Fallon, just over 2 years at Lean Mean Fighting Machine and then a further 2 years at M&C Saatchi. Between these, she's done lots of freelance so is very used to teaming up or working as a single and across a range of global and local clients including Unilever, Vimto, Rubicon, Strongbow, Teachers and Ballantine's. Michaela is Italian and studied graphic design at Central St Martin.

Work worth mentioning is Project Guardian and De:Clone. She's got a great understanding of digital and film.

Day rate: £350*

Ben Wintour - Mid/Snr Art/Copy, Founder of Steel Warriors. International experience, in-depth knowledge of earned, owned and paid media.
Ben is a writer/ art director with national and international experience in earned, paid and owned media. He was most recently working as a Creative at Freud PR, but he started his career as a writer for Time Out in Shanghai. He was quickly poached to help join and start BBDO's offices in the same city followed by a stint at Joint London. Ben is a wonderfully kind and warm person, always thinking out of the box and wanting to push cultural barriers and make work that means something. This led him to found 'Steel Warriors' - an initiative to help fight the growing knife crime in London, definitely worth having a look in his book.

Day rate: £400*

Radhika Kapur - Snr/CW, Indian background and strong digital skills. Great experience with youth audiences & also great at scriptwriting & Directing.
Radhika is a senior creative who has spent most of her career in India working at Leo Burnett, DDB and most recently as a CD at McCann Delhi. Radhika has experience with accounts like VW, HBO, Philips, Nestle and Coca-Cola. She's done digital work for every brand she's worked on (especially for brands such as Aircel and Coca-Cola). Lots of experience with younger audiences and regularly produced content to engage youth across all digital platforms (nice, considering India is the third largest internet user in the world). Earlier in her career, she also worked as an assistant director on Bollywood films!

Day rate: £300*
PORTFOLIO and Coca Cola specific work

Emma Castagno - Snr/Hybrid, Branded content specialist, beauty/fashion. Social, digital and always brilliant story telling. Fun and punchy work.
Emma is a senior Creative who both art directs and writes. She started at BBH in 2004 as a grad and moved into branded content there and then the creative dept. She later joined Pulse Films as their creative lead and leaning more into branded entertainment. More recently, she’s been offering campaign, brand, art and content direction for a variety of aspirational fashion, beauty and luxury brands including GHD, M&S fashion, P&G luxury fragrance, Lumene and ASOS. She shot her first vertical video (for social) for Stella Artois Wimbledon Campaign this year. A brilliant writer and modern creative thinker.

Day rate: £450*

Suzanne Hails - Snr/CD writer, can handle big big accounts. Suzanne started her career at St Lukes when it was bustling, fearless and funny!
Suzanne started her career at St Luke’s and her career evolved to being a CD at Saatchi’s for a number of years during which time she led big meaty accounts such as ASDA covering all media and most touch points, Weight Watchers and Ariel EMEA. She has both written and often art directed throughout her career, has the experience of writing very human and ‘real’ insights for brands and has also got the experience of longer copy projects such as writing manifestos for businesses such as Marie Curie. Other skills and experience in her range are a number of total rebrands and new TOV.

Day rate: £400*
Password: Shailsaccess

Rob Watts - Hybrid creative, very digital and gaming. Fantastic book. Working on the multi award winning Sea Hero Quest, FHRANK and Toyota+Mercedes. Very different.
Rob is a hybrid digital and social creative who also does the more traditional work if you need him to. Starting off his career in 2013 as a digital producer he quickly fell under the creative umbrella while at Saatchi. He himself sees himself as constantly 'plugged in' and on the constant look out for new cool ideas and where tech can take us. In 2018 he also finished off a pan-euro TV camp for Mercedes, so can handle big projects and senior Clients. He and his previous partner were behind the great Sea Hero Quest and the Snacker hacker for Kerry foods. He is also a music producer with his brother.

Day rate: £350*

Pete Cain - Snr Writer, comedy expert and overall brilliant writing. Performed over 1k stand ups, written+directed a sketch comedy tv series.
Pete is a fantastic senior copywriter with lots of experience in comedy. His career started with 4 years at M&C Saatchi before moving to Mullen Lowe and then BBH. He has freelanced in agencies like W&K, CHI, LEITH, JWT, Creature, RKCR/Y&R, TBWA, Quiet Storm, Iris and the list goes on. He is also a successful comedy performer and writer, with over 1000 stand up performances and written + directed a sketch comedy tv series that sold world-wide. He loves cracking a great idea though and is a lovely man who champions great work all the way to the end product.

Day rate: £500*

*Day rates are only applicable to standard working days. Weekends/bank holidays etc will need to be agreed separately.