Ogilvy Tokyo - Freelance Creative Brief. 30th May 2018

Genie identified and approached 28 creative teams LIZH believe to be interesting for this brief in 0.03s. She checked their interest and confirmed availability for the time and location stipulated and came back with the below results in under 25 minutes.

Added 1st of June at 09:32

Added 1st of June at 09:32

Adam Fish - Disruptive, cut-through and modern CD. Adam was the CD on Adidas and behind their fresh 'There will be haters' campaign
Left W&K's, where he was hired to run Nike and produced the new Mo Farah #JustSmile work, to go freelance. We've known Adam a long time and he is really passionate about what he does, has a sense of humour and a bit of punch about him (in a nice/cheeky way). He gets results through and wants to continue to make the kind of disruptive, cut-through, but also very modern work that he has been doing both on Adidas (at Iris) and Nike more recently. He likes to use all the tools of communication and understands the language of social media as well as the big brand advertising messages. 
Day rate: £450p/d
Psw to his site is: Hungry1

Rick Dodds - ECD level CW, One of the most noteable creatives in the UK.
A fantastic creative who pushes boundaries and who also Directs. 

Rick has an exceptional track of work that not only is highly awarded, but also stands out and inspires brands to go further and be braver. He made some great work while at Saatchi & Saatchi in London with T-mobile Dance and welcome back. That was followed up with The European tour which he wrote and shot. That took Rick and his old partner to Droga NY to work on Underarmer, NRG and Chobani. They both left to help run Droga in London in 2016 and made ground breaking work for Ancestry, Uniqlo, SEAT and others. Rick left Droga in 2018 and is now hungry to out his creative mind to work. 

James Springall / Samantha Pantha - Snr team with brilliant craft. Both are successful artists on the side, with a great record of agency work
James and Sam are both artists on the side, but still like to stretch their lateral thinking muscles on some creative briefs. Both are incredibly nice, talented and been to some brilliant agencies. James started off at Lowe in 2001, then went to 4 Creative in 2006. He left to go freelance after 3 years and met Sam while at Strawberry Frog in Amsterdam. 
Since then they have worked together starting off at Droga 5, Sid Lee, 180 Amsterdam, Mother and the list goes on. Gorgeous craft work, smart and very funny. A great team.

Eduardo Boldrini & Alex Rose - Snr/aCD team, award winning 360 team. A Brazilian/British team with over 10 years experience each. 
Alex and Eduardo have just left McCann where they have recently won awards for their work on Felix and MasterCard. 
Ed is Brazilian, he came to London in 2014 after 12 years as a creative writer in Brazil (JWT Sao Paolo, Escala and Ogilvy).  He started off freelancing in London and eventually got hired at McCann Worldgroup.
Alex met Ed during his time at TMS, he comes from a graphic design background and has spent 10 years working as a designer/ Art director in a range of agencies both design and conceptual.

Jez Willy / Wayne Hanson - CD team, grown ups with a great portfolio. A great pitch winning team with good energy and experience
Great creative ambition and completely focused on making the best work. While at Karmarama they helped win PlusNet and also did a superb job on Radio 1 Hackney weekend. Since Karmarama they have been into Fold 7 helping them win Hilton hotels and coming up with a brilliant idea for Carlsberg (chuggers) for the 2016 Euro's. 
They have also worked at R/GA helping on pitches, had an idea bought by Specsavers and they helped Brothers & Sisters win Uswitch

Joseph Tedder / Joseph Kiers - Snr team, digital minds and directors, A mix of digital and craft film experience makes them a very interesting team. 
Joe & Sef met while they were at (Hyper)Naked in 2010. Before that they had separately worked at 4 Creative, Mother and Forever Beta. 
They are a senior team and worked together at CHI before they went freelance to give them time to focus on their Directing careers as well. Today they do a bit of both, their background in digital agencies and their knowledge and experience with film make them a pretty unique team that love to work on any problem. Their book is nicely broken down to show you their breadth and experience so far.