Talent agent
for the future
of work


For Talent, Genie has your back!
Genie is being built to get to know you, your work, your passions and what makes you great at what you do. Genie is your talent agent, designed to work hard for you and find the work you want to work on.

For companies. No more searching…JUST SELECTING.
You get access to Genie’s strictly invite only group of talent, Genie does your ‘search and approach’ for you in minutes and only shares talent who are relevant, interested and available.


Some of the companies Genie (in Beta) has been tested with

Some of the companies Genie (in Beta) has been tested with

Meet Genie. 

The fastest, smartest freelance talent agent on the planet.

GENIE gets personal, curating  specifically for all users. Talent and hiring companies alike. 
Doing the hardest work for you.

Identifying and Approaching the best highly skilled freelance talent* faster than a hiring company can say "We need a....." . 

Only approaching talent with the projects that will genuinely interest them…

...and delivering the right talent profiles back to clients in minutes.

Meaning genuine curation at speed. Time saved, opportunities realised and a new way to approach freelance for everyone. 

*currently in Beta being tested for Creatives, Designers, Strategists and Business Leads in the UK Creative Industries.


For Talent.

You're the talent. You're in control.


4 simple steps to receiving project opportunities.

1. One time onboarding. No profiles to write. Just a password to type. 

2. No need to do anything else proactively. Wait until Genie approaches you with the right opportunity for you through Messenger. 

3. When approached. View the details of the opportunity, including the company's 'sell' to you. Show interest or decline. 

4. Receive confirmation that the client wishes to meet or book you. 


A bespoke shortlist of high calibre talent delivered at unrivalled SPEED with guaranteed availability.


 4 simple steps to approaching and booking the right talent. 

1. One time onboarding. Speak to us to learn how. 

2. 'Set Brief'. Genie knows who you are, the immediately gets working for you walking you through a 2 minute briefing chat.

3. Get on with the other important stuff in your world, or take a coffee break while Genie is at work for you. Genie will be back to you in minutes.. not hours or days.

4. View your curated shortlist of talent, click to request to book or interview.

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50% of ALL Highly Skilled TALENT will be freelancing WITHin a decade.


Talented people, from designers to doctors, from teachers to tech engineers are taking control and choosing how they work.

Companies are in a race for the very best highly skilled freelance talent. No one owns them, the competitive advantage is gained by quickly accessing them and persuading them to choose your project at the moment of need.

Talent want to focus their energy on what they do best. The work. Not the constant networking for the next opportunity, browsing jobs platforms or keeping themselves front of mind with hiring companies and recruiters.

Companies don't have the luxury of time to waste manually tracking down their 'go to' people, browsing websites with 1000’s of profiles or briefing recruiters to work their black books. Genie is AI so automates this entire process, built from the ground up 'Talent First' to best unlock access to the right highly skilled freelancer, approach them, then if interested and available share their profile within minutes of being briefed.

Genie is Faster, Better, Cheaper and designed by experts for the future of work.

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