Gravity Road - Beer Pitch - Start ASAP (Briefed Mon 22nd Oct at 16:15)

Genie identified and approached 14 users Genie believe to be interesting for this brief in 0.03 seconds. Genie checked their interest and confirmed availability for the time and location stipulated and came back with the initial results in under 9 minutes. Genie will continue to add talent to this page as they respond to her.

Initial results:

Updated: 17:16 - James & Rachel

Rob Watts - Hybrid creative, very digital and gaming. Fantastic book. Working on Sea Hero Quest, F.H.R.A.N.K. and Toyota+Mercedes. Very different.
Rob is a hybrid digital and social creative who also does the more traditional work if you need him to. Starting off his career in 2013 as a digital producer he quickly fell under the creative umbrella while at Saatchi. He himself sees himself as constantly 'plugged in' and continually looking out for new cool ideas and where tech can take us. In 2018 he also finished off a pan-euro TV camp for Mercedes, so can handle big projects and senior Clients. He and his previous partner were behind the great Sea Hero Quest and the Snacker hacker for Kerry foods. He is also a music producer with his brother.
Day rate: £350

Dom Butler - Mid/Snr/Cw, Great conceptually, strong writing and smart. Digital and very culturally driven ideas. Been at Grey London and McCann London. (NOW ALSO IN A TEAM WITH RAFI -
Dom is a senior middleweight writer. He started off his career with a creative ad course at Falmouth followed by 4 years at Grey London working under people like Nils Leonard and Dave Monk. This is where he was the creative lead on the WildAid campaign that put him on the map (so to speak), but also got to cut his teeth on HSBC, Lucozade, Emirates, Greene King, Volvo, Vodafone and News UK. In 2016 Dom moved to McCann writing work for Subway, MasterCard, Microsoft, XBOX, Cereal Partners, Premier Food as well as for luxury experience on Pandora and Godiva. Dom is also quite entrepreneurial and likes a new challenge.
Day rate: £350

Alex Shapowal & Gary Turner - Snr Team, Big Ideas that break through. Big integrated campaigns or small executions, these guys love it all.
Alex and Gary are a multi award-winning team with over 14 years’ experience creating fresh, insightful ways to engage, entertain and inform. They met while they were in Publicis London and have been freelancing since 2017 at agencies like Atomic, DDB tribal, HAVAS, Forever Beta and others. Whether it’s small, specific executions or big, integrated solutions, they love to think of ideas that breakthrough and stand out from the crowd.
Day rate: £375

James Stedman & Rachael Burkinshaw - Mid Team, Social and Direct. A wonderful team with a versatile portfolio. McDonalds, Carlsberg, Hendricks ++ (Available Monday 29th Oct)
James and Rachel are a fully integrated team. Most of their time was spent together at The Marketing Store (3 years) and both have lots of social and direct experience. They have been at freelancing since 2016 at OgilvyOne, Edelman, Ocatgon, Initials and RAPP. James is a writer (writing a novel on the side, a dark dystopian story, but with a sense of humour running through), he's also the brain behind the 18+ cake shop (a bit graphic) .Rachel is a singer on the side and plays at gigs and writes music. They have worked on McDonalds, Carlsberg, Hendricks and Virgin ++
Day rate: £300
Their Pitch to you: - “Zubrowka work: We transported people to the Białowieża primeval forest at Festival Number 6. With Zubrowka, we created a sensory forest, with the smells, sights, sounds and tastes of the polish forest where Zubrowka get their Bison Grass.This was a pitch that we won for Zubrowka, meaning they were official vodka of the festival.”

Tim Menko-Mid/Snr Creative Copywriter with a PR and social strength. Bi-lingual creative from Amsterdam with a host of media neutral ideas.
Tim is a Dutch / english creative who trained in London and has worked both here and in Amsterdam. He started out in an entertainment/gaming specialist agency and later moved into more consumer and traditional ad agencies such as Iris, Sid Lee and TBWA. He has a thirst for work that generates PR and engagement, has created products, events and stunts as well as written TVCs with a humorous and human insight. Clients have included Albert Heijn supermarket, Douwe Egberts coffee, Adidas, Vichy, Paramount and Disney, Maxi-Cosy and Heineken.
Day £350pp*

Francesco Grandi Senior Copywriter - Worked in Canada, Amsterdam and London.  Lovely guy, smart and different thinking, but can also do brilliant TV.  (Pencilled for another gig)
Francesco Grandi's Canadian/Italian and prior to becoming a creative, Francesco aged 21 launched his own fashion magazine. He left Canada to teach business English to businesses in Italy, but quickly joined the advertising world to flex his creative muscles. He spent a year at O&M in Canada followed by TBWA/ Toronto for 3 years, then a further 18 months at Cundari as a writer and finally a year at Rethink before moving over to Amsterdam to join 180.  He then got poached over to the UK by the fledging US agency The Martin agency for their London start up. Work of note: funny (Casey's), smart (Uber Safe) and different. 
Day rate: £400

Maria Arroyo & Mariana Pen - Mid/Snr team, worked on Nike and VW. A great team with lots of energy and a good mix of digital and traditional work.
Maria & Mari are a middleweight integrated team. They teamed up in 2018, but know each other well as they met during Miami ad school. Maria Started off at Tribal DDB before she came to London and freelanced into a permanent gig at AKQA staying for almost 2 years. Mari Has mostly freelanced, but worked permanently at Ogilvy for a year and with Mullen Lowe group for 2 years. They have a slight focus on digital and social, having freelanced in places like R/GA, HAVAS, Sapient, McCann, Facebook, Saatchi's and more.
Day rate: £375pp*

*All candidates provide their preferred day rate's. Some of these are negotiable. Day rates are only applicable to standard working days. Weekends/bank holidays etc will need to be agreed separately.