JWT London - Freelance Creative Team Brief - 2 October 2018

Genie identified and approached 18 creative teams LIZH believe to be interesting for this brief in 0.01s. She checked their interest and confirmed availability for the time and location stipulated and came back with the results in under 7 minutes. Genie will continue to add people as they respond to her.
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First results:
(Updated: Jez & Wayne)
(Updated: WILDCARD Dom Butler)
(Updated: Ed & Alex)
(Updated: Maria & Mari)

Liam Bushby & Alison Steven - Snr Team, media neutral and Incredibly nice. All about the work and making the best of what they have.
Liam & Alison started their careers with 2.5 years at TBWA before getting hired by Justin and going to Leo's for 4 years. Al Young then hired them at FCB where they stayed up until 2017. They got some lovely work made for the Department of Education while at FCB, but overall their book is lovely, worth pointing out is the NSPCC work, the line/ direction for Homebase and I love their personal projects like the 'world's only Lego adoption agency'. Their recent freelance work for End Youth Homelessness is also very strong. Really nice pair who are passionate about craft and great work
Day rate: £375

Paloma Reed & Nick O’Brien - Snr team, fully integrated & TV. A team who can do the big idea and run it through TV all the way to social posts. (AVAILABLE MONDAY 8TH)
Nick and Paloma are a fully integrated team. They started their careers at M&C, then went on to Brooklyn Brothers followed by a few years at Dare where they worked on The Post Office, Metro and BMW. They are hungry, hardworking and ambitious, at the same time very nice people to be around. They are have freelanced since 2014 and pretty much back to back bookings ever since. Work to pull out is TV (Bubbles) and integrated (Metro), but they have lots more cool things to show in there (especially in their personal section)
Day rate: £375

WILDCARD: Dom Butler - Mid/Snr/cw, A hybrid really, great conceptually, strong writing and smart. Digital and very culturally driven ideas. Been at Grey London and McCann London
Dom is a senior middleweight writer. He started off his career with a Creative ad course at Falmouth followed by 4 years at Grey London working under people like Nils Leonard and Dave Monk. This is where he was the creative lead on the WildAid campaign that put him on the map (so to speak), but also got to cut his teeth on HSBC, Lucozade, Emirates, Greene King, Volvo, Vodafone and News UK. In 2016 Dom moved to McCann writing work for Subway, MasterCard, Microsoft, XBOX, Cereal Partners, Premier Food as well as for luxury experience on Pandora and Godiva. Dom is also quite entrepreneurial and likes a new challenge.
Day rate: £350

(WILDCARD) Jez Willy & Wayne Hanson - CD team, grown ups with a great portfolio. Great pitch winning team with good energy and experience.
Great creative ambition and completely focused on making the best work. While at Karmarama they helped win PlusNet and also did a superb job on Radio 1 Hackney weekend. Since Karmarama they have been into Fold 7 a fair bit helping them win Hilton hotels and coming up with a brilliant idea for Carlsberg (chuggers) for the 2016 Euro's. They have also worked at R/GA helping on pitches, had an idea bought by Specsavers and they helped Brothers & Sisters win uSwitch.
Day rate: £450pp

Lloyd Daniel & Jennifer Ross - Midweight team, strong ideas throughout. Both have made some great work during their short careers. Stars in the making.
Both started their careers in 2015. Jen has mostly freelanced, she spent 5 months at Droga, then moved to Mother and sold in + made a really nice bit of work for Ikea. After that she went to Brothers & Sisters for 5 months, followed by a further 6 months at the Corner when her old partner decided to go back to France. Lloyd is the Art Director, went to UAL and also spent some time at Mother before being Dan Fisher's first hire at the Martin Agency here in London. He spent 2 years working directly with him and being part of some great work. Jen and Lloyd partnered up late 2017 going straight in Karmarama.
Day rate: £250

Ravi Beeharry & Andy Mancuso, Snr/CD team with media and digital experience. Brilliant work on Maison du Monde and have a very British sense of humour.
Ravy and Andy (Randy) have been working as an advertising creative duo for nearly 20 years, the bulk of which was spent at VCCP (9 years) working across iconic brands like o2, Coke Zero, 118-118 and Hyundai. They also helped on some launches (UK launch of iPhone, The o2, very.co.uk, Fabulous Fingers) followed by a years freelance at Forever Beta working on Google, Friends Provident and Mizuno. In 2014 they joined Bauer Media as Creative Directors to work across their portfolio of brands and then they were reunited with Rooney Carruthers and joined George & Dragon in December 2015.
Day rate: £350pp

Eduardo Boldrini & Alex Rose - Snr/a-CD team, award winning 360 team. A Brazilian/British a/CD team, over 10 years experience with design and ideas.
Alex and Eduardo are a senior integrated/ big idea team. Ed is Brazilian, he came to London in 2014 after 12 years as a creative writer in Brazil (JWT Sao Paolo, Escala and Ogilvy). He started off freelancing in London and eventually got hired at McCann Worldgroup. Alex met Ed during his time at TMS, he comes from a graphic design background and has spent 10 years working as a designer/ Art director in a range of agencies both design and conceptual. They left McCann in 2018 where they recently won awards for their work on Felix and MasterCard. Really kind and a great attitude to any brief.
Day rate: £400pp

Maria Arroyo & Mariana Pen - Mid/Snr team, worked on Nike and VW. A great team with lots of energy and a good mix of digital and traditional work.
Maria & Mari are a middleweight integrated team. They teamed up in 2018, but know each other well as they met during Miami ad school. Maria Started off at Tribal DDB before she came to London and freelanced into a permanent gig at AKQA staying for almost 2 years. Mari Has mostly freelanced, but worked permanently at Ogilvy for a year and with Mullen Lowe group for 2 years. They have a slight focus on digital and social, having freelanced in places like R/GA, HAVAS, Sapient, McCann, Facebook, Saatchi's and more
Day rate: £375pp*