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- Freelance: Copywriter
- Start: Next few weeks
- Duration: 2 weeks
- Location: Office or Remote
- #Digital #Luxury #Millennials #Start-Up #Copy #Craft #TOV

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Laurence Quinn-CD level Copywriter, big brands integrated thinking. He has a passion for ideas that move the audience and are effective for the brand.
Laurence has enjoyed working at some of the best creative agencies in London including A&EDDB, AMV BBDO, Saatchi &Saatchi, Leo Burnett and JWT. His work has been consistently recognised at every major awards show including Gold, Silver and Bronzes at Cannes, Silver, Graphite and Wood Pencils at D&AD, Gold and Silvers at Clios, Golds at Eurobest, Golds, Silver and Bronze at Creative Circle. Multi disciplined writing for affluent audiences for brands such as Harvey Nichols, Vogue, HSBC and European Tour Golf. His work ranges from ideas that engage and invite PR such as ‘Fan Cam’ and ‘Grass’ for HSBC sports sponsorship to big emotive campaigns such as the online films for European Tour or work for The Telegraph
Day rate: £500 (excl of Genie Booking Fee)

Suzanne Hails - Snr/CD writer, can handle big big accounts. Suzanne started her career at St Lukes when it was bustling, fearless and funny!
Suzanne started her career at St Luke’s and her career evolved to being a CD at Saatchi’s for a number of years during which time she led big meaty accounts such as ASDA covering all media and most touch points, Weightwatchers and Ariel EMEA. She has both written and often art directed throughout her career, has the experience of writing very human and ‘real’ insights for brands and has also got the experience of longer copy projects such as writing manifestos for businesses such as Marie Curie. Other skills and experience in her range are a number of total rebrands and creating/bring to life new Tones of Voice.
Day rate: £400 (excl of Genie Booking Fee)
Password: Shailsaccess

David Chalu - Snr/CD Cw, Top rated award winning copywriter.
International brand and agency experience, integrated and big idea thinking.

David's been freelancing in Amsterdam, Shanghai as well as London the last couple of years, working on a number of big global brands such as Alpha Romeo, Rolex, LG, Glenfiddich to name a few. Available as solo CD level writer or senior heavyweight team David will deliver and create a big idea with which to traverse different channels and he will work hard to crack a creative problem. He brings over 20 years of agency experience to the table from a variety of well known shops - BBH, 180, McCanns, Leagas Delaney, Havas and many more and no problem is too big or too minor. He has also worked on Mini, Audi and Nissan.
Day rate: £450 (excl of Genie Booking Fee)

James Bloom - Snr/CD CW, Journalist background with tech at heart. Brings together screenwriting, journalism, Entertainment and a love for tech.
James creates strategic brand campaigns across TV, print and digital, with a specialism in scripted entertainment. He always had a keen interest in the evolving digital world, helping to launch WIRED in the UK, then launching 2 digital content startups. He subsequently transitioned into advertising, working at leading London agencies on TV campaigns through to interactive experiences. He also writes screenplays, is represented by United Agents and has worked with Working Title Films and the BBC. Interesting idea using AI for Dove Hair and created a Pioneering Alternate Reality Game for Nokia which was nominated for an Emmy!
Day rate: £400 (excl of Genie Booking Fee)

Clive Pickering - Snr/CD CW, 23 years of brilliant creative writing.
Funny, smart and big, Clive's work is intelligent and has a great sense of craft.

Clive has a wealth of experience that eventually lead him to help found BETC in London. His experience started off as a writer for the world of B2B, but he quickly put those skills to use at Leo Burnetts in London then South Africa. TBWA followed by DDB and BBH before being hired as Head of Copy back at TBWA. He did 2 years at Albion before going freelance working at places like 180 Amsterdam, Saatchi's Red Brick Road and AMV. He has some fantastic work in his book especially for VW, Johnny Walker and Marmite, but also more recently for Direct Line and Diet Coke.
Day rate: £500 (excl of Genie Booking Fee)

Rich Wisken - Midweight CW, Very funny and smart around PR. Great writer, good conceptually and very funny.
Rich, a writer from Australia with a sharp wit. He came in to advertising later than most after he created something of a viral storm with his personal ad he wrote to sell his car. He joined AWARD school and never looked back - getting hired at BMF in Sydney where he stayed for 4 years learning his craft under some great mentors. He has lots of experience working on SportsBet, Tooheys and Aldi. Humour reins throughout his work.
Day rate: £300 (excl of Genie Booking Fee)

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