LIZH London - Freelance Senior Creative Team Brief - 18th Sep 2018 - 11:17
”This is a live Demo to AMV BBDO, the UK's most awarded agency. have you see their latest work for Snickers with Elton John. Big thumbs up! Show interest if you'd like to be on their radar for the future.” #Office/Remote, #1 week, #BIGideacreator

Genie identified and approached 12 creative teams LIZH believe to be interesting for this brief in 0.02s. She checked their interest and confirmed availability for the time and location stipulated and came back with the results in under 8 minutes. Genie will continue to add people as they respond to her.

Initial Results:
(Updated: Ross and Graham - 11:49)
(Updated: Conrad & Alex - 11:51)
(Updated: Gavin & Dave - 11: 53)
(Updated: James & Samantha, Gary & Victoria - 11:55)
(Updated: Liam & Alison - 12:03)

Ben Carey & Henrik Deleha - Snr/CD team, tech savvy + big ideas. Very proactive and experienced in every media. Enjoy getting audiences engaged.
Ben & Henrik (Benrik) are very modern tech savvy CD’s. Both did 5 years at CP+B (producing work for Turkish Airlines,, Paddy Power and Diesel) before they left to go freelance. They did almost a year as CD's at R/GA before being hired as CD's at Anomaly in 2017, but left after a year to pursue Clients with a bigger creative ambition. Henrik is Swedish and Ben is French so they can also help with global campaigns as well as local. Work to take note of is: Turkish Airlines, Diesel and Paddy Power.
Day rate: £450pp

Eduardo Boldrini & Alex Rose - Snr/aCD team, award winning 360 team. A Brazilian/British a/CD team with over 10 years experience each. 
Alex and Eduardo have just left McCann where they have recently won awards for their work on Felix and MasterCard. 
Ed is Brazilian, he came to London in 2014 after 12 years as a creative writer in Brazil (JWT Sao Paolo, Escala and Ogilvy).  He started off freelancing in London and eventually got hired at McCann Worldgroup.
Alex met Ed during his time at TMS, he comes from a graphic design background and has spent 10 years working as a designer/ Art director in a range of agencies both design and conceptual. 
Day rate: £400pp

(WILDCARD) Toby Brewer - Snr AD behind Harvey Nichols Sale and VW. Loves cars.A fantastic creative to work with. Sharp mind with a soft personality.
Toby was a chef running the pastry section before he turned to Advertising. He's been at it for over 10 years now and the long list of awards seem to prove it was the right decision. He started off at DDB and was there when it turned into A&E/DDB. spending 4 years making the infamous work for Harvey Nichs' sale, VW and Smithwicks. He left to join BBH for 2 years and then joined CHI where he got some CD experience and also helped produce work on Prince's Trust and Lexus (pass: Apple). He loves to work on cars, but as you can see from his work, he's very good in other industries too.
Day rate: £500
Portf pass: Apple

Conrad Swanston / Alex Bingham - Snr team with a very broad portfolio. Passionate about using culture to make impactful work.
Conrad & Alex started off at M&C in 2009 and were there almost 5 years before they moved to WCRS, working on TFL, Hyundai. We love their work for The Big Issue. They left WCRS in 2017 after 4 years having worked on the global Candy Crush work, Royal Air Force and a fantastic personal project for Duchenne UK called World's Strongest Boys. They are very proactive and always wanting to push the creative idea into different channels and find new and innovative ways of engaging the audience which often comes from being culturally relevant.
Day rate £350pp

Ben Clapp & Stephen Lynch - Snr team, digital, big ideas and different. Worked on spirits, NHS, Tic Tacs, beer, cars and more. Good humour as well.
Ben and Stevie are a versatile senior team. Ben started out as a copywriter at Mother, Tom Dick & Harry and 4 Creative. He worked at Havas for 6 years before leaving to do scriptwriting and freelances next to it. Stevie started off as a designer and art director at O&M before joining Steam for 7 years and then Aesop where he met Ben. They spent three years at Aesop delivering award-winning work for a diverse roster of clients including NHS Blood & Transplant, Pernod Ricard, HSBC and HBO. Both have a strong will to push good work through and get excited when challenged to think in new and different ways.
Day rate: £400

Liam Bushby / Alison Steven - Snr Team with a great media neutral book.
Incredibly nice, all about the work and making the best of what they have.

Liam & Alison started their careers with 2.5 years at TBWA before getting hired by Justin and going to Leo's for 4 years. Al Young then hired them at FCB where they stayed up until 2017. They got some lovely work made for the Department of Education while at FCB, but overall their book is lovely, worth pointing out is the NSPCC work, the line/ direction for Homebase and I love their personal projects like the 'world's only Lego adoption agency'. Their recent freelance work for End Youth Homelessness is also very strong. Really nice pair who are passionate about craft and great work
Day rate: £375

Luke Crawford & Elliott Shiels - Snr/CD level team, fantastic book. A great senior team with lots of experience making some fantastic work. 
Luke’s an illustrator, thinker/conceptor and music video maker. He has worked at Leith, Lost Boys as well as several London based places including Rankin and Adjust Your Set. Elliot has spent time at BBH, Brothers and Sisters and Mr President. Fun and entertaining campaigns for clients such as Freesat, Carphone Warehouse, Irn Bro, Honda. Music videos and social films for the US band Skaters. Nice craft, skilled copy and a desire to push the barriers and do things differently. 
Day rate: £350

James Springall / Samantha Pantha - Snr team with brilliant craft. Both are successful artists on the side, with a great record of agency work.
James and Sam are both artists on the side, but still like to stretch their lateral thinking muscles on some creative briefs. Both are incredibly nice, talented and been to some brilliant agencies. James started off at Lowe in 2001, then went to 4 Creative in 2006. He left to go freelance after 3 years and met Sam while at Strawberry Frog in Amsterdam. Since then they have worked together starting off at Droga 5, Sid Lee, 180 Amsterdam, Mother and the list goes on. Gorgeous craft work, smart and very funny. A great team who really like to push the work to do something that completely stands out.
Day rate: £500pp*

Gavin Kellett & David Hillyard - Snr/CD team who welcome any challenge. Both CD's and have a very strong ATL portfolio. A grown up team that delivers.
A solid grown up team. Gavin and Dave met at Saatchi's in 1991, and have worked together since 2009. They’ve been Creative Directors, Creative Partners and Group Heads, looked after big bits of business, both in the UK and worldwide, and between them they’ve won lots of awards, including five D&AD Silver Pencils and nine Cannes Lions. They might look more traditional from some of the work in their portfolio, but hand them a problem and they will give you a creative answer to anything.
Day Rate: £550pp

Phil Cockrell & Graham Storey -Top CD Level Team with multiple awards on big brands. Leading creative agency experience on global and domestic accounts.
Phil & Grahams hugely successful career spans multiple leading agencies over 30 yrs, the majority of it being spent at RKCR where they crafted award-winning Creative for The Times, (incl. Sunday Times), Virgin Atlantic helping to increase the agency’s size and creative stature ahead of the buyout by Y&R in 2000. Promoted to CDs they went on to oversee accounts including Carlsberg, Virgin Mobile and Kraft Foods. Years at AMVBBDO, Fallon and latterly CP&B has produced global ads and integrated campaigns for National Lottery, Asda, Sony and Banks Beer always with a stunning or gripping visual and message. Brilliant, grown up thinking.
Day rate: £500pp

Gary and Victoria Martin - Highly awarded hugely experienced snr team. Worked on a host of products & services, both in agencies, and direct to client.
Victoria and Gary have a broad body of work that includes naming and developing brands from scratch, winning pitches, initiating new campaigns and picking up the mantle on existing ones. They are experts at coming up with big, clear ideas and deploying them across all channels. They are happy to work either in-house or remotely. From Iconic Levis or Audi ads to comedic pilot series for broadcast to creating a luxury brand these two can turn their creative minds to an array of projects. Gary also has fashion/retail in-house experience at TK Maxx to add to his CV also.
Day rate: £400