Lucky Generals: Briefed Fri 19 October 2018 - LGs1

Here’s your brief - Freelance Creative Copywriter starting ASAP, for a week and must work in the office.

Genie identified and approached 15 creative writers LIZH believe to be interesting for this brief in 0.01s. Checked their interest and confirmed availability for the time and location stipulated and came back with the results in under 7 minutes. Genie will continue to add people as they respond.

First results:

Rob Watts - Hybrid creative, very digital and gaming. Fantastic book. Working on Sea Hero Quest, FHRANK and Toyota+Mercedes.
Rob is a hybrid digital and social creative who also does the mroe traditional work if you need him to. Starting off his career in 2013 as a digital producer he quickly fell under the creative umbrella while at Saatchi. He himself sees himself as constantly 'plugged in' and on the constant look out for new cool ideas and where tech can take us. In 2018 he also finished off a pan-euro TV camp for Mercedes, so can handle big projects and senior Clients. He and his previous partner were behind the great Sea Hero Quest and the Snacker hacker for Kerry foods. He is also a music producer with his brother.
Day rate: £350

WILDCARD: Dom Butler - Mid/Snr/cw, A hybrid really, great conceptually, strong writing and smart. Digital and very culturally driven ideas. Been at Grey London and McCann London
Dom is a senior middleweight writer. He started off his career with a Creative ad course at Falmouth followed by 4 years at Grey London working under people like Nils Leonard and Dave Monk. This is where he was the creative lead on the WildAid campaign that put him on the map (so to speak), but also got to cut his teeth on HSBC, Lucozade, Emirates, Greene King, Volvo, Vodafone and News UK. In 2016 Dom moved to McCann writing work for Subway, MasterCard, Microsoft, XBOX, Cereal Partners, Premier Food as well as for luxury experience on Pandora and Godiva. Dom is also quite entrepreneurial and likes a new challenge.
Day rate: £350

Maggi Machado - Snr/CD Writer - Specialises in social content. Great with integrated campaigns, but done it all from huge tv ads to brochures.
Maggi is a writer and a creative director. She's 10 years into the advertising industry, worked in New York and London on brands such as Google, MTV, Microsoft and Royal Caribbean. Some career highlights include nearly shooting a Super Bowl spot, writing Christmas songs about car parts, doing handstands for a whisky distillery and creating an ice cave for an Olympic skater. She specialises in social content and integrated campaigns but she's done a bit of everything, from million dollar TV adverts to banners and brochures – and all the other digital, traditional and experiential stuff in between.
Day Rate £400

Tom Edwards - Snr/CW, Strategic head, but with a conceptual mind. Planning background turned creative. Worked at Vice, Sunshine Creature and more.
Tom Edwards is a copywriter who comes from a strategic background. He started agency life as a strategist at Aesop, but quickly found himself lean more towards the conceptual and creative side. After 4 years as a writer he joined Creature for a year before going freelance starting as the copy lead during the launch of VICE's TV channel, setting the tone of voice for the brand in the UK and making stuff in lots of formats to promote the channel. He then did 18 months with Sunshine working on Google | Gucci | History Channel | H&M | Lionsgate | Sennheiser | Grey Goose | Samsung and more.
Day rate: 350