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- Freelance: Copywriter
- Start: Mon 25th Feb 2019
- Duration: 1 day
- Location: In office

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Arnab Chanda - Snr CW, Professional comedian, writer and producer. Arnab spent 6 years on stage performing and then writing jokes for TV shows.
Arnab is a copywriter and a professional comedian. He stumbled his way into advertising after Mother got hold of him for some freelance in 2012 which extended to W&K, Creature, Brothers & Sisters and back at Mother. Originally born in Leeds, but travelled the world and studied economics in the US. Arnab has written jokes for several TV hosts and had quite the career with stand up, acting and also worked as radio producer, planning and implementing radio sketch shows for Radio 4. A lovely talented copywriter.

Day rate: £350

Radhika Kapur - Snr/CW, published author and screen writer with strong digital skills. Integrated thinker and experience with big brands and youth audiences.
Radhika is a senior creative who has spent most of her career in India working at Leo Burnett, DDB and most recently as a CD at McCann Delhi. She has experience on brands such as VW, HBO, Philips, Nestle and Coca-Cola. Cross-channel and digital experience are evident in her book as well as experience targeting younger audiences. (nice, considering India is the third largest internet user in the world). In addition to her campaign work and love of the craft she is a published author of fiction, writes a blog and for screen and earlier in her career, she worked as an assistant director on Bollywood films.

Day rate: £300

Suzanne Hails - Snr/CD writer, can handle big big accounts. Suzanne started her career at St Lukes when it was bustling, fearless and funny!
Suzanne started her career at St Luke’s and her career evolved to being a CD at Saatchis for a number of years during which time she led big meaty accounts such as ASDA covering all media and most touch points, Weightwatchers and Ariel EMEA. She has both written and often art directed throughout her career, has the experience of writing very human and ‘real’ insights for brands and has also got the experience of longer copy projects such as writing manifestos for businesses such as Marie Curie. Other skills and experience in her range are a number of total rebrands and new TOV.

Day rate: 400
Password: Shailsaccess

Justin Mulcahy - Mid/Cw, A funny and highly creative hybrid. Ex TBWA and Creature, lots of craft and good humour.
Justin is a senior middleweight writer who started his creative career at TBWA in 2011 before moving to Creature for almost 3 years in 2014. Since then he has been a freelance creative at places like W&K, 101, O&M and spent almost a year with Comic relief. He finished his masters degree in Journalism and now either works in teams or as a solo. His bedsheet monsters personal project is brilliant!

Work worth looking at includes Vote-no excuses and Bafta.

Day rate £350

Lucy McIntosh:Mid-Senior multi channel Copywriter. Great ideas generator writer and conceptual creative with fashion/lifestyle experience.
Lucy is a hybrid creative who thinks in pictures as well as words. She is a writer first and foremost, with experience working in digital and social as well creating integrated campaigns across multiple comms. Idea first with a passion for problem solving she has experience on a range of brands from Nike to Google to Amazon Fashion and Santander Cycles. Lucy is just as happy in a team as she is working solo. When she is not working in an agency she can be found creating beautiful pottery.

Day rate: £350
Password: lucyjm2016

Duncan Brooks - Mid/Cw, Great with long copy, funny and brave. Worked on Cadbury, Argos, NY times and more. A brilliant guy who loves to write.
Duncan is a brilliant conceptual creative, who also loves long copy. He started off in house, writing copy for Superdry followed by a few years as a newspaper correspondent and then a year working as a creative writer for branding agency Flourish. This is when he discovered the ad course at Watford. After which he did some placements and got hired at Fallon and then poached to CHI & Partners. He's about 7 years into his career now and decided to go freelance in 2017 to see what other agencies ands brands are like to work with. He's worked on Retail (Argos), media (NY times), Confectionary (Cadbury) and much more.

Day rate: £350

Cyndall McInerney - Midweight Copywriter and passionate creative. Blog-writer, ideas, tv and beyond she will strive to deliver.
Cyndall started out as as a law clerk before realising her creative dreams and went on to sign up for AWARD School Australia landing a job at creative hot shop The Monkeys immediately after graduating. Within a very short time she had written her first TV campaign for Pizza Hut, which resulted in a 10% increase in sales, quickly following this with TV campaigns for Blackmores, Movember and IKEA. Her Movember film was the most un-skipped pre-roll in 2017 and won the Google Skippys Award 2018. In 2018 she was invited to Singapore to the Google Maker Space. Can also be in a team.

Day rate: £300

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