Saatchi & Saatchi London - Freelance Creative Copywriter Brief. 2nd Oct 2018

Genie identified and approached 6 creatives for this brief in 0.03s. She checked their interest and confirmed availability for the time and location stipulated and came back with the results in under 12 minutes. Genie will continue to add people as they respond to her.

Initial results:
Updated: Alison Bracegirdle
Updated: Tim Wild
Updated: Jason Lawes

Kevin Masters - Snr CW, brilliant modern thinker, big and small ideas.
Great conceptually and makes work that gets people talking

Kevin went to Watford before getting hired at JWT. There he spent 7 years making brilliant award-winning work for First Direct, Tiger and KitKat. From there he did a 3-month stint at JWT NY before packing up and moving to Oz after a call from DDB Sydney. In the 4 years he was there he also worked at Havas and Publicis Marcel producing award-winning work for the U.N.'s charity Fund for Peace and for Tiger. A really lovely guy who is looking to develop his CD experience and work closer with Clients.
(Kevin worked on VW at DDB in Sydney. “Working on one of the longest pitches in the history of mankind, as we had to pitch for every car variant/type, commercial vehicles and original parts.... and then Skoda too, one after the other. We kept VW and added Skoda to the roster.”)
Day rate: £400

Alison Bracegirdle - Snr/CD/Cw, Good cultural and social work. Spent time at Sid Lee, Ogilvy, Razorfish and We Are Social. She also directs short films.
Alison has a strong strategic and media neutral approach to her work, She started off as journalist and producer before moving into the ad world at Sid Lee in Canada working on Adidas, Danone, Red Bull and Garnier. In London she had a stint at Razorfish (creating the 'All things Hair' award-winning platform) and also gained experience freelancing at Wednesday, BBH, CP+B, R/GA, Y&R, We Are Social, I-D magazine and others. She is also an entrepreneur and set up a new venture called Yung Club, the first immersive yoga experience fusing music, lights and yoga together.
Day rate: £500

Tim Wild - Snr/CD/cw, ex R/GA CD from a copy background with 10 yrs industry experience, great at copy, concepting, pitching + presenting.
From a mostly digital agency background Tim has created stories for brands and integrated thinking across all digital platforms and media. He has been a CD at Razorfish and R/GA leading projects for brands such as Rexona (and other Unilever brands), McDonalds, Microsoft, and most recently led the Guinness account where he produced high quality content and experiences including a VR tasting enhancer for the beer leading to engagement with a wider younger growing audience.
Day rate: £450

Rick Dodds - ECD level CW, One of the most awarded creatives in the UK, led Droga to win SEAT! A fantastic conceptual creative to work with who can write, produce and also direct. - Avail Mon 8th
Rick has an exceptional track of work that not only is highly awarded, but also stands out and inspires brands to go further and be braver. He made some great work while at Saatchi & Saatchi in London with T-mobile Dance and welcome back. That was followed up with The European tour which he wrote and shot. That took Rick and his old partner to Droga NY to work on Underarmer, NRG and Chobani. They both left to help run Droga in London in 2016 and made ground breaking work for Ancestry, Uniqlo, SEAT and others. Rick left Droga in 2018 and is now hungry to out his creative mind to work. Day rate: £900

Jason Lawes - CD/AD, huge focus on craft and lots of retail experience including Tesco and running Morrisons as well as Natwest and Stella.
Jason is a grown up CD with a focus on craft. Having led the creative on some of the biggest banks and supermarkets in the UK he certainly knows his retail and can work at a fast pace. Jason started his career at Bates as an art director working on tobacco, his biggest stints were at Lowe (6 years) and Red Brick Road (6 years). His last perm role was as a CD at M&C Saatchi for just over 2 years before he hit the freelance scene and was brought into Publicis to run Morrisons for 18 months. A wonderful guy to work with.
Day rate: £650