BBH - Freelance Account Directors - start ASAP to run for a month or more (briefed by BBH 18th Sept 2018 / Genie put to work 10.56am 19th Sept 2018)

Genie identified and approached 12 individuals LIZH believe to have the right experience and be a good cultural for these briefs in 0.02s. She checked their interest and confirmed availability for the start date range and location stipulated.

Initial results returned in 2 minutes from briefing. Genie will add further talent to this URL as they respond confirming interest and availability.

Initial results:
(10.58am: Aaron Hodgson responded interested)
(UPDATED 19.50 21st Sept 2018: Dani Cabral responded interested)

Aaron Hodgson - Account Director, Ex Anomaly, BETC, Fallon and Pablo. Aaron is a grade A guy,  kind, loyal, trustworthy, fair. He’s really switched on to the world around him. In touch culturally / societally, and how brands have to play within the world to best engage consumers. He has a good understanding of what great work looks like and creates the context for good work to flourish. 
He comes across as rigorous, able to move quickly, & understands the value of strategy (and is strategic) to unlock the best environment for work. In his role at Pablo he led the digital agenda for a Cinema film for San Miguel ( ) and also managed a large web build of a luxury paint brand called Craig and Rose. At Fallon Aaron delivered campaigns for Cadbury aimed at the UK mainstream and at Anomaly Aaron worked on the global rebrand of Johnnie Walker which took an editorial/entertainment approach across numerous global markets plus he lead the web build and app/plug in build experience for the brand. Aaron has spent the last two months working at ITV on their big autumn drama Vanity Fair, leading marketing across all channels and experiences, and leading marketing for ITV Hub tasked with leading the charge against Netflix and Amazon Prime in the TV on demand world.
Available to start immediately for all roles. His experience leans him towards the Samsung brief.
Day rate: £250 p/d (excl LIZH fee).

Profile here:  

Dani Cabral - Account Director. Creative and entrepreneurial operator. Ex CP+B, F/Nazca Saatchi, DM9 DDB working for Stella Artois, Skol, Itua Bank and others.
Dani Cabral recently arrived in London from Sao Paolo where she has worked in Brazil's most highly regarded agencies. Most recently Dani has been leading the Stella Artois brand successfully for the Brazil and wider LatAm markets. This allowed her to draw on all her experience of previously working on the Skol Brand at F/Nazca Saatchi, Brazil's number 1 beer brand, making an impressive body of innovative award winning work. While leading Stella Artois Dani has grown the business from using global work to developing culturally powerful work for the Brazilian market that is really working and allowing Stella to build its brand in a relevant way in market.
Available to start immediately for all roles. Her experience leans her towards the Western Union brief.
Day rate: £250 p/d (excl LIZH fee).

More info and work example links: