VCCP - Creative Team - Airline

- Freelance: Creative Director, super senior
- Start: ASAP
- Duration: 2 weeks or more

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Initial results:

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James Springall & Samantha Pantha - Snr team with brilliant craft. Both are successful artists on the side, with a great record of agency work.
James and Sam are both artists on the side, but still like to stretch their lateral thinking muscles on some creative briefs. Both are incredibly nice, talented and been to some brilliant agencies. James started off at Lowe in 2001, then went to 4 Creative in 2006. He left to go freelance after 3 years and met Sam while at Strawberry Frog in Amsterdam. Since then they have worked together starting off at Droga 5, Sid Lee, 180 Amsterdam, Mother and the list goes on. Gorgeous craft work, smart and very funny. A great team who really like to push the work to do something that completely stands out.
“We were creative leads on the Emirates account at Strawberry Frog Amsterdam for a year, at 180 Amsterdam we worked on Qatar Airways and went out to Dubai to work on FlyDubai.” 
Day rate: £500pp*

Emma Brooks & Noe Vavilovas - CD team with a unique style. One of the best CD teams in the market, Very experienced and strong craft.
Emma and Noe are a senior/ CD level team and one of the best on the market. They learned their craft at W&K, working on TK Maxx, Nokia and Lurpak. They come with a very unique style and masses of agency experience having freelanced since 2010. You have to scroll sideways to see more of their work, but campaigns include work for Lurpak, Dr Martins, Kellogs, P&G, The Body Shop and more. A really wicked team and not often free.
Day rate: £650pp

Gavin Kellett & David Hillyard - Snr/CD team who welcome any challenge. Both CD's and have a very strong ATL portfolio. A grown up team that delivers.
A solid grown up team. Gavin and Dave met at Saatchi's in 1991, and have worked together since 2009. They’ve been Creative Directors, Creative Partners and Group Heads, looked after big bits of business, both in the UK and worldwide, and between them they’ve won lots of awards, including five D&AD Silver Pencils and nine Cannes Lions. They might look more traditional from some of the work in their portfolio, but hand them a problem and they will give you a creative answer to anything.
Day Rate: £550pp

Simon Parkin & Simon Johnson - CD Team, great broad range of skills and experience. Worked at BBH, A&E/DDB, Y&R and more.
Si and Si are a CD level team who have worked at most of the big agency names in London and love the freelance side of the industry. They are award winning and always driven to produce work that fits into any media and to any audience.
”Experience: BA at BBH, Virgin Atlantic at Rainey Kelly and recently at Adam & Eve, have also worked on Emirates, Lufthansa and Easy Jet.”
Day rate: £450pp

Brett Gascoigne & Sarah Wood - Snr team, who are completely media neutral. Ex CD on BA and Easyjet.
Brett & Sarah worked together while they were at Euros/ Havas. They come from a more integrated background, and as a result have a great appreciation for every touchpoint in the customer journey. They are about 12 years in and teamed up again in 2016. Their Email for EasyJet got fantastic response, they helped do a completely integrated campaign for Credit confidential. Sarah helped Dove extend their campaign for the first time into a more social world which has also been very successful. They can do long copy, digital, direct, TV and are incredibly nice people who we always get positive feedback on.
Day rate: £375pp

Gary and Victoria Martin-highly awarded hugely experienced snr team. Worked on a host of products & services, both in agencies, and direct to client.
Victoria and Gary have a broad body of work that includes naming and developing brands from scratch, winning pitches, initiating new campaigns and picking up the mantle on existing ones. They are experts at coming up with big, clear ideas and deploying them across all channels. They are happy to work either in-house or remotely. From Iconic Levis or Audi ads to comedic pilot series for broadcast to creating a luxury brand these two can turn their creative minds to an array of projects. Gary also has fashion/retail in-house experience at TK Maxx to add to his CV also.
Day rate: £450

*All candidates provide their preferred day rate's. Some of these are negotiable. Day rates are only applicable to standard working days. Weekends/bank holidays etc will need to be agreed separately.