VCCP Kin - “E Sports” - Briefed: Wed 09:36

- Freelance: Creative Team, Mid-Snr
- Start: Thu 29th
- Duration: almost a week
- #social #content #petrol-head #E-motorsports #amazing

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Jez Willy / Wayne Hanson - CD team, grown ups with a great portfolio. Great pitch winning team with good energy and experience.
Great creative ambition and completely focused on making the best work. While at Karmarama they helped win PlusNet and also did a superb job on Radio 1 Hackney weekend. Since Karmarama they have been into Fold 7 a fair bit helping them win Hilton hotels and coming up with a brilliant idea for Carlsberg (chuggers) for the 2016 Euro's. They have also worked at R/GA helping on pitches, had an idea bought by Specsavers and they helped Brothers & Sisters win uSwitch. Day rate: £450pp

Amy Holman & James Allen - Mid/Snr Team, Tactical and creative ideas. Great integrated team who think laterally.
Amy & James are a senior middleweight team who started their careers at Publicis chemistry in 2001. They moved over to Tag in 2004 before joining OgilvyOne in 2016 to work on all things BT from social media to film and direct. They have a great book and went freelance in 2018.  They love doing film and are very happy when they get the opportunity, but they also come with the experience of cracking the long copy and all those other bits of comms that need doing. 
Day rate: £350

Claudio Pasqualetti & Stephen Beverly - Snr team, A great versatile team. Sharp writing and gorgeous visual language. A brilliant senior team.
Claudio and Steve met at Publicis London back in 2006. Before that they had spent a collective 14 year in the industry, with the additional decade at Publicis. Wonderful guys, great mood and well known for their work on McDonalds, Crown Jules and Renault. They have worked on everything from Airbus to the BBC to Vicks. A brilliant visual and written language, both clearly driven by an enormous sense of craft.
Day rate: £400

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