Warner Music - “CD/ Senior Creative” - Briefed: Wed 13 Mar, 2019 - 15:01

- Talent: CD / Senior
- Start: ASAP
- Duration: More than a month
- Your sell: (n/a)
- Location: In office
- #culture #youth #music

Genie identified and approached 18 creatives for this brief in 0.02 second. Interest and availability for the time and location stipulated were confirmed.

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Wilf Eddings: Snr/ Art, A strategic brain & design sensibility. Problem solving & tackling new creative challenges are Wilf’s strengths.
Having spent a number of years at Facebook, RGA and Google Wilf has an obvious digital and tech leaning. He loves all elements of design and the Google World Cup'14 project was one where his own illustrations played a key part in bringing the popular campaign to life. He has created and produced literally billions of individual videos for Facebook's "Friendversay" platform which was a massive collaborative engineering as well as creative project and he has brought Grand Central Stn NY to 360 life in a VR film demo for FB. He is both a team player and a project leader, truly modern thinking conceptual creative. Day rate: £450

Al Brown - Snr/Hybrid, Strong big idea creative and pitch winner. Works in any media, worked on Pot Noodle, Webuyancar.com, Thatchers, BBC +++
Al started off as an art director, but found himself writing a lot more scripts/work and now sees himself as a writer. He started his career with a couple of years at Tribal DDB before going into BBH for another few years. In 2010 he went freelance for the first time, with stints at BBDO Guerrera and Mother London. Then hired at RKCR/Y&R (now Y&R) where he spent the next 4 years. He has freelanced since 2014 (Mother, Lucky Generals, Bros & Sis +++) and consistently made award-winning work throughout. He’s also set up his own music and promotions company, the Guardian called him ‘the hottest promoter in the UK - 2017).

Day Rate: £450

Mark Slack - Snr/CD Hybrid, Big ideas, populist and funny. Great on craft and fantastic ideas. Global & local experience.
Mark has spent the last 6 years growing a portfolio of unashamedly populist creative work, coming up with fun and entertaining ads for TV as well as print/outdoor and digital. He started as an Art Director and now writes work as well as CD on projects. Highlights have been HSBC Golf "Anyones Game", The Anarchist for Mattesons and helping to win Robinsons for the agency and led. Before Saatchis he worked at The Red Brick Road and won some accolades for his Think Box 'Harvey' tvc. He has worked on Visa, Direct Line, Toyota and other great brands always maintaining a high level of craft and freshness of ideas.
Day rate: £400

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