50% of ALL Highly Skilled TALENT will be freelancing WITHin a decade.


Talented people, from designers to doctors, from teachers to tech engineers are taking control and choosing how they work.

Companies are in a race for the very best highly skilled freelance talent. No one owns them, the competitive advantage is gained by quickly accessing them and persuading them to choose your project at the moment of need.

Talent want to focus their energy on what they do best. The work. Not the constant networking for the next opportunity, browsing jobs platforms or keeping themselves front of mind with hiring companies and recruiters.

Companies don't have the luxury of time to waste manually tracking down their 'go to' people, browsing websites with 1000’s of profiles or briefing recruiters to work their black books. Genie is AI so automates this entire process, built from the ground up 'Talent First' to best unlock access to the right highly skilled freelancer, approach them, then if interested and available share their profile within minutes of being briefed.

Genie is Faster, Better, Cheaper and designed by experts for the future of work.